Monday, October 26, 2009

All hail the king and queen of CreComedy night!

Winners of CreComedy Nights I and II:
Daria Lysenko and Mitchell Clinton.

Soon my comedy army will be complete!

It was another great night of CreComedy laffs at the King's Head tonight, as the second group of Creative Communications students from my comedy writing class performed to a full house in as many weeks.

Congratulations to all of the night's performers - you did a great job, and you should all be proud. Mitchell Clinton was awarded top comic of the night, literally spritzing his way into our comedy judges' hearts and minds, and the hilarious Heather McGowan was named our first runner-up. The scores were mighty, mighty close indeed.

And the top six comics of the night, as rated by the judges are:

1. Mitchell Clinton
2. Heather McGowan
3. Kellen Scrivens
4. Jessica Sigurdson
5. Emily Baron Cadloff
6. Kelly Romas

Special thanks to our headliner, the always awesome Cara Lytwyn (check out her headlining set from tonight's show here and here) and event organizer Matt Cohen.

Some video highlights (sorry for laughing into the mic again...snort!):

Jessica Sigurdson, our genial host and emcee:

Kellen Scrivens:

Thor Blondal:


  1. Special honorary mention to Kellen Scrivens who also killed.

  2. It was a great show!!

    Hooray for second year comedy writing students!!


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