Saturday, April 27, 2013

Everybody's talkin' about communications jobs, week of April 28, 2013

1. Instructor, Graphic Design, Red River College

2. Instructor, Composition and Communications, Red River College

3. Web Communications Specialist, Delta Waterfowl Foundation

4. Web Communications Analyst, Manitoba Hydro

5. Marketing Communications Manager, YMCA-YWCA

6. Summer Curatorial Assistant, Mennonite Heritage Village

7. Summer Programme Assistant, Manitoba Craft Council

8. Summer Marketing and Community Outreach Assistant, Sarasvati Productions

9. Summer Production Assistant, Sarasvati Productions

10. Summer Research and Planning Assistant, Manitoba Crafts Museum and Library

11. Senior Marketing Manager, Canada's Royal Winnipeg Ballet

12. Events and Volunteer Coordinator, Steinbach Arts Council

13. Summer Programs Coordinator, Freeze Frame

14. Sales and Promotions Manager, Winnipeg Free Press

15. Vice-President, Capital Campaign and Development, St. Boniface Hospital Foundation

16. Development Officer, Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Implementing two kinds of e-portfolios in advertising class (and where the blog posts have gone)

Where have all the blogposts gone? Good question, mom.

I knew I'd been busy with a mountain of freelance work, marking, class preparation and the master's degree when my mom asked me how come "the place she used to go to read my stories" now no longer has any stories. You know how moms love their stories!

Unable to post top-secret client work, or lame representations of marking and class preparation, I'm instead posting this screencast I just did for one of my master's classes. It talks about implementing two different kinds of e-portfolios - original and curation - in the ad major, which is something we'll actually do next year in a more meaningful way than we did this year.

Enjoy, mom.