Monday, October 5, 2009

My new, favorite sign at the Mercantile

How can you not love this new handwritten sign at Red River College's Mercantile store?
"Please do not open any items you have not paid for. This is not acceptable. Thank you. Please note: a copy of the legislation will be available shortly."
Who knew that there are so many people going into the Mercantile to: a) consume items before they've paid for them and b) who then demand to see the law that says what they're doing is wrong - that we need to put up a sign?

Until I get my copy of that legislation, you can't make me stop eating my Kit Kats while I wait in line and presenting an empty wrapper at the counter, Mercantile! Brahahahahahaha!

OK, I feel better now.


  1. As both a former customer and a former employee of the illustrious Mercantile, I can say without hesistation that the sign is directed towards specific customers. I would venture to guess that someone pissed Evelyn off and she has put the sign up in response to their actions.

    I could list off some off the other actions taken in the past and name off a handful of the black listed people but she would probably hunt me down and kill me.
    Although it's not an official black list because we didn't actually stop serving these people, we just made things more difficult for them.

    Just watch your back Kenton, watch your back!

  2. Who's the perpetrator? You can tell me!

  3. Wade, Evelyn's gone. Chelsea's the manager now, so I'm guessing that she put the sign up. Anyone who knows Chelsea knows that she always speaks her mind.

  4. @Kenton
    Let's just say that there is a certain man who smokes a specific brand of cigarettes. He got really snippy a couple of times and as a result, everytime he came in we didn't have any of his brand. They were however, under the counter and available for the one other person on campus that smoked them and wasn't an ass to us.

    What? Evelyn's gone? I just talked to her on Thursday. What's going on here?

    And of course, you are very right Dan when you say that Chelsea will always speak her mind. She would put up a sign like that just as quickly as Evelyn would.

  5. Chelsea started as Store Manager yesterday (Monday) I assume that means that Ev isn't there anymore, but I don't know what happened to her. Ask Chelsea next time you stop by.


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