Saturday, October 17, 2009

The best live band in Canada: the Hidden Cameras

What's the NA? Can'!

Search Hidden Cameras on YouTube and be prepared to sit through every bad prank and - eeeeek! - "toilet-cam blooper" ever caught on film.

Look a little further down the list, and you'll find The Hidden Cameras, the most underrated, and best live, band in Canada.

The band wouldn't have it any other way.

How this 10- to 15-piece outfit - choir, violin, and glockenspiel included - is going to fit onstage at the Royal Albert on Monday, Nov. 30 is anyone's guess, but I'll be there to find out, along with the band's loyal and diverse stable of fans: the fake-ID crowd, the walker and cane crowd, and the everyone-else-in-between crowd.

The band's self-professed stereotype (says Wikipedia) is "gay church folk music." True, as far as stereotypes go.

But while not everyone may enjoy a robust singalong about getting an enema, denying the theft of underpants, and ingesting odd substances (only some of them drugs), to concentrate on the stereotype is, as Uncut Magazine says, "missing the many pleasures of the Hidden Cameras."

Among them: sunny melodies, soaring choruses, exuberant chants, and maybe even spiritual ascension and self-actualization through music, love, and Mississauga, ON.

The band's live show is a happening to behold: a Phil Spector wall of sound, onstage go-go dancing, tambourines played by audience members, and plenty of good cheer to go around.

Why, it's almost enough to make you forget that you have an 8 a.m. class the next day. Almost!


  1. YES!!! I can't wait. I saw them three years ago in the music venue now known as American Apparel, which I believe had a smaller stage than the Albert does, so I think they'll manage it.

    Their song topics are fantastic and hilarious, but not the best to get stuck in your head at work. I don't speak from personal experience. Really.


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