Tuesday, March 27, 2012

10 great moments in media relations

1. Bill O'Reilly attacks 9/11 victim's son (from Outfoxed):

2. BBC interviews the wrong Guy - and he's not bad, once he gets over his initial shock:

3. Tom Snyder fights with John Lydon:

4. Bill Clinton gets in Chris Wallace's face:

5. John Edwards proves that everyone looks 10 pounds guiltier on TV:

6. Donald Rumsfeld explores known unknowns:

7. Dr. Hastings Banda - the leader of Malawi - is refreshingly candid in this 1962 BBC interview:

8. Tom Cruise falls in love with a couch:

9. Michael Richards apologizes, and no one's sure if it's a bit:

10. Cruise lectures Lauer:

Monday, March 26, 2012

Twelve new words to dress your language

 See new word #10.

1. Creamium - The premium cream o' the crop, which rises to the top.

2. Duperocess - A bogus or unfair investigation.

3. Famoose - Bullwinkle, for one.

4. IPPed - The past-tense excitement at having had a project approved. "When I got the green light, IPPed my pants."

5. Karmage - The predestined fate of those who litter.

6. Nincome Tax - The extra money you end up paying for being dumb.

7. Enlusiasm - Enthusiasm that comes back to bite you in the arse.

8. Haphazardry - The art of being disorganized.

9. Haphusbandry - The art of carelessly tending plants and animals.

10. Jayked - Nude journalist. See photo at the top of this blog post.

11. Saleure - Showing up at a store to buy discounted items, only to find that there's none left.

12. Slapdashery - The art of being hurried and careless.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

10 new words of wisdom: let it be

 See number 7.

1. Asstimate - A guess about whether you will fit into a pair of jeans.

2. Chicksago - The place where former girlfriends live. May or may not be in Illinois.

3. Juddification - The process in which a person starts to look more and more like a Judd. See: Nancy Grace.

4. Manterest - Anything but Pinterest.

5. OMB - On my blog. Example: OMG, it's OMB.

6. Ridick - Short for ridiculous.

7. Rominee -The Republicans' choice after Super Tuesday.

8. Snow puppy
- That gunk that gathers in the wheel wells of your call in winter, then falls out on your driveway in spring.

9. Speedom
- Freedom to wear one's Speedo.

10. Vapig
- Insipid and overstuffed. Paging Mr. Limbaugh.