Thursday, October 22, 2009

The day that Citytv and CHUM came to play

If it's CHUM and Citytv, it must be Thursday.

Many thanks to Ryan Ghidoni, creative director at CHUM Radio, for coming to Red River College today to talk about his job, how to write great ads - for radio and all media - and to answer questions from first-year Creative Communications students about the advertising and radio business.

Ryan Ghidoni (left).

Later in the day, Megan Batchelor and Justin George from Citytv stopped by my first-year PR class to shoot a news segment about blogging, which will be aired as part of a series of reports on new media; the segment is expected to air on Citytv on the first week of November. Watch this blog for more details.

For the segment, my first-year PR class got to play Marshall McLuhan for a day by writing a blog about blogging specifically for the Citytv segment; the results of their labor are on my blog roll on the right under the heading, "My PR peeps - Class 3." Enjoy!

Justin and Megan shoot a CreComm student in her natural habitat.

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  1. And the pressure was on!!

    It was a fun class though...Even if I had major anxiety about our friends at Citytv being there!!

    heh heh.


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