Saturday, October 3, 2009

Ten things that crossed my mind at the Gogol Bordello concert earlier tonight

1. That Borat sure can sing!

2. The iPhone camera badly needs a zoom function:

3. Going to a concert when you have a fever doesn't make it any better.

4. "No smoking indoors" does not apply to pot.

5. Them gypsies sure is loud. Even from a distance. Hey, doesn't Bette Midler sing "From a Distance?"

6. Plaster falling from the second balcony doesn't mean the balcony is going to collapse onto the first balcony. I hope.

7. A lone drunk guy applauding in the stands after the band and audience have left the building is a sad sight.

8. I still don't know how Caramilk gets the caramel into the chocolate.

9. How ironic is it that I feel lonely when surrounded by thousands of people, but not at all lonely when I'm by myself? Or is that just the second-hand smoke from number four?

10. Did I mention that I don't feel well? Got to...fight it...getting

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  1. Sighhhh, I wish I could have been in two places at the same time. I heard from alot of people how good that show was.


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