Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Makin' and Mixin your own pop-up videos

I've been Mixin with the wrong crowd.

Now this is cool: a new online resource - Mixin - that let's you create your own pop-up videos and share them with your pals on your blog or Facebook.

The service is still in beta, but it's fun, fun, fun - as you can see by a sampling of the fine folks in the advertising major:


Monday, November 12, 2012

14 new words to put in your ladybinders

See number 6. 

1. Cleanspiracy - The alleged plot to clean one's house, as perceived by a hoarder. 

2. Croperly - To suitably improve framing. 

3. Documockumentary - Shooting a nonfictional motion picture about a satirical work presented in the style of a nonfictional motion picture. See number eight. 

4. Ficture - A photoshopped photo.

5. GingerPrince - Entitled, redheaded manchild. 

6. Ladybinders - Mitt's cover for holding loose ladypapers. 

7. Menote Address - An address ostensibly of great importance to everyone, but - in reality - only of importance to the person delivering it. Example: "In 1985, who could have foreseen that the world would change forever...for me?"

8. Mockudocumockumentary - Shooting a satirical work presented in the style of a nonfiction motion picture of a nonfictional motion picture about a satirical work presented in the style of a nonfictional motion picture. See number three. 

9. Refirement - The point where you stop employment to "spend more time with your family" to avoid being fired to do the same. 

10. Rememberies - A person's power to remember memories.  

11. Romoney - Lot's of money. Example: "I'm doing well, but I don't make Romoney."

12. Snarkasm - An especially bitter remark. 

13. Spincompetence - Having only the skills to make others believe that you have the necessary skills.

14. Thrilogy - A set of three, new Star Wars films that no one expected, for example.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

All hail the kings and queens of CreCommedy Nights '12


CreCommedy Nights '12 at Rumor's were a raging success as 32 of Red River College's funniest and bravest students took to the stage to perform stand-up comedy for the first time.

Special thanks to former students Cara Lytwyn and Dan Verville for sharing host and emcee duties, to CreComm students, grads, and friends who stopped by to watch and judge the big show, and to Rumor's for allowing us to crash the place.

People's choice awards

Our two panels of judges have spoken and selected these comics as our top six of the night:

1. Mark McAvoy
2. Mitch Kruse
3. Kate Slimmon
4. Amy Tuckett
5. Matt Williams
6. Megan Merasty

Each of these hilarious people earned a 17/20 or higher from the judging panel - a feat within itself.

See you in one year at Rumor's.