Thursday, October 8, 2009

Students thank you - and Bernays - for smoking

They're not cigarettes, they're TORCHES OF FREEDOM!

Here are first-year CreComm students Jeff Ward, Jordan Johanson, and Jeremy Giacomin making Edward L. Bernays' 1929 PRO-smoking PR campaign for Lucky Strike - cough, cough - come to life.

Warning: this video is highly addictive, causes strokes, and stunts your growth.

**Update: Yesterday, I somehow missed the team's equally entertaining re-enactment of the Green Ball - the pro-smoking campaign in which Bernays rebranded the color of fashion to match cigarette packages.

Today, I correct that wrong:

I can't wait for the big Ivory Soap-carving contest installment...


  1. Hahaha I'm really happy with hoe many people enjoyed our video.

    Thanks for posting it Kenton!

    Jeremy, Jordan and I are talking about doing more Bernays videos, profiling his entire life.

  2. Yeah, more Bernays' vids more often!

  3. Wow, good on them!!

    That was GREAT!

  4. Good to see another St. Paul's '05 grad as Bernays. They sure taught us well as PR manipulators that year!

  5. Words can not describe how much my room-mate and I laugh when we watched Torches of Freedom.



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