Monday, October 5, 2009

A bit of the Blue Revolution comes to RRC

Maslowsky discusses the Bombers' 2009 ad campaign.

A big thanks to the Winnipeg Blue Bombers' Jerry Maslowsky and Kevin Guille for coming to Red River College today to speak to the advertising and PR majors.

Maslowsky, vice-president of marketing, and Guille, marketing manger, spoke to students in a wide-ranging discussion that included the pros and cons of marketing a sports team, how the Bombers can still win the Grey Cup, why student ticket prices cost what they do, and what's up with coach Mike Kelly.

The answers: the nature of the beast is that when the Bombers lose, the marketing team "doesn't know what it's doing," when the Bombers win, the marketing team "is genius;" it's still mathematically possible for the Bombers to clinch the Grey Cup, thanks to there being only eight teams in the league; the Bombers have the least-expensive student tickets in Canada; Kelly is from Philadelphia.

Great discussion and questions from the majors!

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