Saturday, October 31, 2009

Ten great things about Central Canada Comic Con 2009

1. The chance to see Adam "Batman" West:

2. The chance to see grown men clutching autographed Adam West glossies in their quivering hands:

3. Noticing that the guy who plays Chewbacca looks just like him in real life:

4. Wondering whether this is a great portender of doom, a kick-ass costume, and paint that will never, ever come off, no matter how hard he scrubs:

5. Remarking that homemade costumes are like homemade greeting cards: better than anything you can buy in a store, heartfelt, and...where the hell does someone get the time?

6. Capturing a man in the audience shouting, "Now there's a woman!" when he sees She-Hulk:

7. Noticing the look of fear in Dirk Benedict's eyes as he wonders, "Will this be an A-Team or Battlestar Galactica stalker?"

8. The chance to hang with Ghost Rider and his homies:

9. Noticing that, when juxtapositioned with the restroom signs, Rorschach and Silver Surfer make strange bedfellows indeed:

10. The chance to ask yourself: is this "comic book," "sci-fi," or "creepy?"


  1. I'm SO JEALOUS. I might have to go tomorrow. My ride bailed on me. BOO. :/

  2. I was really expecting to see Dean Cooper in one of these photos.

  3. 11. Finding a long-forgotten copy of Fantastic Four #177 (December 1976) in the $1-comic boxes, in which The Wizard interviews super-villain candidates who have responded to a newspaper ad he placed to fill a vacancy in the Frightful Four.


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