Saturday, October 24, 2009

Ten things that crossed my mind during last night's Ben Folds concert in Fargo

1. A fold across the name "Ben Folds" on my ticket stub? Tonight, the air is thick with irony.

2. If you haven't eaten at McDonald's in 15 years, maybe it's not a good idea to start it up again right before a road trip.

3. "You don't know what it's like to be male, middle class, and white." Oh, no?

"Props to our peeps!"

4. Could it be that I'm a brick and I'm drowning slowly?

5. Would this hair color look good on me?

6. Ben Folds has replaced the members of the Ben Folds Five with a wooden box.

7. Maybe we are all alone in the universe.

8. Buy a round of beer for your American friends in Fargo, and they'll tell you over and over how much Canada rules.

9. Ben Folds + Elton John = Ben Elton?

Or folded johns?

10. I wonder if Jeff Zabudsky has read my post about me not being invited to Breakfast with the President, and whether now I'll be invited to Breakfast with the President.

Update, Sunday: I just heard from Matt, pictured onstage, above, singing "B*****s Ain't S**t" with Ben Folds and one of the most exuberant and positive young women I've ever seen singing a song with that title. He's a fan of the photo, a very nice guy, and one heckuva rapper.


  1. one of the more interesting non-reviews of a show I've read. Do some more - Steve Earle, maybe?


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