Thursday, October 15, 2009

How will you laugh - on a Monday night?

Now, how does this feel?

Here's Thor Blondal's awesome ad for Comedy Night at the King's Head, which he rehearsed, recorded, produced, and perfected in Cathy Hanson's radio class.

Click here and select "play." It's totally worth it.


  1. Actually, Thor wrote, recorded, and produced this by himself as an assignment in class.
    Makes me laugh every time I hear it.

  2. Thor is a comedy sandwich made of lettuce, tomatoes and WIN.

  3. haha
    My ears are burning. No really, I wanted to see inside so I lit a q-tip.

    But in all non-Simpsons referencing seriousness, I should give Daria a shout-out for giving me a hand in the recording process.


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