Thursday, October 15, 2009

Turning your cat into a eunuch can be a SNAP!

Getting spayed isn't as hard as taking the bus at 8 a.m., I'll bet.

"Fixing your cat is easy. Affording it can be hard. SNAP to it!"

Thank goodness for SNAP - the subsidized spay and neuter assistance program, brought to us by the Winnipeg Humane Society.

I snapped (get it?) this picture of the out-of-home campaign on the bus at 8 a.m. while listening to a loudmouth scream into his cell phone, "Hey, it's Joe from the Neon Factory!!!" So, I may have just been a touch grumpy...but here goes:

While I'm sure that SNAP is a great program, the WHS notes on its website that there can be up to an eight-week wait time for your pet to "get the procedure." Not really a "SNAP," then, is it?

And does the acronym strike you as being a little insensitive to our furry friends? Sure, it's convenient for us, but is it really a "snap" for little Fluffy (pictured in the ad with her pal, Patches)? Aww, poor Fluffy!

Lastly, is "SNAP" really the sound you want to equate with the procedure?

Or am I just reading too much into this campaign on a day when I feel under the weather, grouchy at loud cell phone talkers, and just a little like I'm recovering from the SNAP program myself?


  1. Oh Snap!

    (Ugh, I had to be the loser that did that...)

  2. D'oh! I never get interesting new ads on my buses.

    Yes, you are reading too much into it, but that's what we ad lovers do. We pay attention to advertising, we critique it, question it, exalt it. Everyone else just ignores it!

    As usual though, government and publicly funded advertising is lame, lame, lame.

    Another one that drives me crazy is the MLC's "Dabnaggit" campaign which is plastered all over the buses and radio these days. Every year or so they roll out the whole "gambling is entertainment, don't spend what you can't afford to lose" campaign.

    Personally, it drives me crazy that they insist on calling it entertainment. Movies, books, video games, and music are all entertainment; gambling most definitely isn't. To me, entertainment means that I pay money and receive something in return.

    The only thing gambling gives you is a sore back and callouses on your ass from sitting on that damn stool pulling that slot lever over and over. Plus, when's the last time someone said they were going to quit their job & retire to Tahiti once they won this video game or finished a book?

    No one gambles for fun; people gamble to win! Give it up MLC. Your messages are about as heartfelt as the warnings about the dangers of smoking paid for by cigarette companies.

  3. I see your point Wade, however if I could interject, I would venture to say that some people actually do have fun gambling...

    Weird, I know. (It's not my cup of tea!)

    Though a lot of people do go to the Casinos of Winnipeg to feed their addiction, or looking for that "big win", there are surprisingly a lot of people who go with $20 bucks in their pocket, just to play and in their opinion; "have fun"...

    It's strange and unfathomable, but some people really do think gambling is fun...

    Plus both Casino's have free coffee, themed lounges with daily entertainment,mainstage entertainment, and (from what I'm told) a pretty killer buffet, so they (MLC) are trying to make the Casinos of Winnipeg more of an "entertainment destination" than simply just a gambling hole...

    Perhaps I have just been brainwashed though; Nine years at the grind will do that to a person...


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