Saturday, February 23, 2013

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Eleven new words to fill your muggle

See number 7. Has nothing to do with Harry Potter. 

1. Appservescence - The tendency of awesome apps to rise to the top of the app store.

2. Cinnamom - Mothers who know the secret ingredient to every great dessert.

3. Deeprest - The way to overcome depression.

4. Diss Stress - The way to overcome stress.

5. Fulfilling Station - A self-actualization facility.

6. Hamnesia - Eating a great pork roast and forgetting about it.

7. Muggle - See photo, above.

8. Obamatoba - What we'd call our province if Obama had bought it, as suggested in the New York Times (see paragraph 12).

9. Strawb - A straw for smoothies.

10. TOFT - Too Obscure For Twitter. Example: "What's this about Carole Pope stepping down?"

11. Twaffic - Twitter traffic reports.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Everybody's talkin' about communications jobs, week of Feb. 10, 2013

1. Summer Communications Student, Canadian Border Services Agency

2. Event Assistant, Bruce and Boivin Consulting Group

3. Videographer, CBC

4. News Reporter, Bell Media

5. Promotions Director, Corus

6. Communications Assistant, Summer Student, Manitoba Lotteries

7. Junior Volunteer Coordinator, Summer Student, Manitoba Lotteries

8. Community Events Team, Summer Student, Manitoba Lotteries

9. Aboriginal Public Information Assistant, City of Winnipeg

10. Marketing Development Assistant Manager, Great-West Life

11. Employee Relations, Boeing Canada

12. Communications Coordinator, Siloam Mission

13. Client Relations Coordinator, U of M

14. Marketing and Customer Specialist, Scheller Metal Fabricators

15. Coordinator, Digital Media, Winnipeg Jets

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Everybody's talkin' about communications jobs, week of Feb. 3, 2013

1. Summer Student Positions (Communications Assistant, Community Events, Etc.), Manitoba Lotteries

2. Marketing Manager, The Eureka Project

3. Reporter/Editor Internship, Canadian Press (Halifax) - (Apply with letter, references, and work samples by Feb. 15 to

4. Search Specialist, Fund Development, Canadian Red Cross (Toronto)

5. Morning Show Co-Host, Power 97

6. Morning Show Co-Host, 99.1 FRESH

7. Advertising Coordinator, Dufresne

8. Conference Planner, The Fairmont

9. Community Relations Assistants, MPI

10. Marketing Coordinator, Portage Place

11. Director, Government and Community Engagement, University of Manitoba

12. Project Supervisor, Events Marketing

13. MTS CreComm Scholarship