Thursday, October 15, 2009

Chris Jericho reminds us all what we're doing in CreComm

I realize I've posted this before, but I think the time may be right to remind ourselves that CreComm can be a diving board to a successful career in wrestling.

Watch for the money shot at 2:30!

Thanks to Dave for reminding me that we should have changed the ad agency into a wrestling ring a long, long time ago.


  1. Can't wait until you post my inspirational video on your blog one day...


  2. He is truly a phenomenal performer and seems to be very intelligent. What was his IPP? I would image it had something to do with tights and steel chairs.

  3. Was he actually a J-major?! I didn't think he actually graduated from CreComm...

  4. He did graduate. 1990 with a Journalism major under his belt (haha...pun intended). Incredibly intelligent and seriously funny guy.


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