Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy Canada Day from the Village, eh!

Osborne Village on Canada Day? Red hot!

It was a million degrees in the Village today, but that didn't stop me - and thousands of other freaks - from heading out to celebrate Canada Day and all of the things that make us an awesome people, like:

1. Forgetting to withdraw money in advance of Canada Day:

Out of my way, mofos!

2. Celebrating with inflatables not within one block of a house of worship:

Help an inflatable out?

3. Enjoying Canada's greatest dish and gift to the rest of the world: crepes!!

Custard, whipped cream, and crepe = holy trinity.

4. Errr...doing whatever these two are up to...

We should really touch base about what we're wearing next time.

5. Patting ponies:

Live in another country? Naaaaayyyy!

6. Knowing that you don't have to live like a beer-garden refugee:

Talk about bars. Am I right, people?

7. Enjoying the grass:

Not what you had in mind?

8. Celebrating with our leader and protector, Captain Canada!

Thank God for those strategically placed flags.

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