Monday, July 5, 2010

Ten things that crossed my mind at Devo's Minneapolis show

Hopelessly Devo-ted to you.

Devo played the Minnesota Zoo this weekend, so I had no choice but to go to the show with my friends, much like Richard Dreyfuss had no choice but to seek out Devil's Tower in Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

My friends have loved Devo since birth, which is strange, given that they were born in the 60s, and Devo didn't form until 1973. Must be some kind of time/space continuum deal.

My pal, Jason, particularly loves the band, and his lifelong devotion was awarded at the show when lead singer and famous film composer Mark Mothersbaugh ran right up to us in the third row and asked us the musical question, "Are we not men?"

"We are Devo!" we shouted back on cue.

It was the greatest moment of my life. Then, Mothersbaugh rushed off, spilling Jason's beer and knocking him onto his ass at the same time. Then that was the greatest moment of my life.

Ten other things that crossed my mind during the show:

1. The family that wears energy domes together stays together.

2. How old is too old to wear tearaway clothes?

3. Q: Are we not men? A: Errr...can I have a little time to think about it?

4. I wonder if Devo has to share their dressing rooms with the headliners. Get it? Headliners? They're playing the zoo? Awww, forget it.

5. We must approach gingerly.

6. Let me get this straight: when a problem comes along, I must whip it?

7. Paramecia make every concert better.

8. An official energy dome and mask for $30 US? I'll take three of each!

9. These men are real - not made of steel!

10. You know that TV show Freaks and Geeks? I've lived it, man.

Devo links at my YouTube channel:

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