Friday, July 16, 2010

Slow news day: my friend gets married tomorrow!

Not so much glamor and circumstance, but plenty of pomp.

Stop the presses!

The wedding I'm emceeing, ushering, and standing up front for tomorrow has warranted a half-page story in the Winnipeg Free Press, because - get this - my pal Jason Beck is a marriage- and commitment-phobic comedian!

Wait, come back!

I wasn't going to say a word about the wedding on my blog, but the story is much bigger than I expected it to be - are you watching, CNN? - so get ready for tweetapalooza tomorrow, where I breathlessly report on what the bride, the dogs, and Trevor Boris are wearing (not in that order - snap!).

As well, I'll be hosting the after show on MuchMusic with Dan Levy and Jessi Cruickshank, where our guests will be Spencer and Audrina.


  1. He had a publicist for his wedding!?!!!

  2. I believe his publicist is...himself! He's been in the Free Press three times in the last two years!


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