Tuesday, July 27, 2010

History lesson: a tale of two photos

I remember inventing Wii Fit.

I was sitting in a bar with my friends, circa 2000:
"There's this mat you work out on and your image representation (translation: avatar) works out at the same time and - get this - Mom's don't care if their kids play it, because their kids are actually working out. Don't you see: it's genius!"
Like the guy who sat down at the piano in the famous Ogilvy ad - they all laughed. Trouble is, I never got a chance to play them my concerto, because now that the Wii is a huge success, my friends can't remember the conversation.

Drunk bastards!

History lesson, part I

So, it brings me great pleasure to provide some proof of something I did invent. If it's not Wii Fit, it's the cover of one of the great punk-rock albums and album covers of all time - The Minutemen's Double Nickels on the Dime.

I submit for your consideration:

1. Kenton Larsen, Shaftesbury High School yearbook, 1985

2. The Minutemen, Double Nickels on the Dime album, 1989

History Lesson, part II

Now about my idea for Wii global bicycle tours...


  1. I feel your pain...

    I was the one who started the Adidas track suit craze in the early 90s.

    No really, I did.

    I know, it's embarrassing to admit now, but I rocked old school 70s style Adidas pants and shorts long before (and after) it was "cool." When I did it, it was bad ass and original.

    Sadly I had to stop wearing Adidas all together once everyone else picked up on the 90s version, which I might add was gangsta and gross...

    This is a true story.

  2. That's a blog if I ever heard one!


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