Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Where do you see the media in 10 years?

Here's a question I asked on the PR final exam this year, and a great answer from an anonymous student. And...this needs to be turned into a screenplay!

Q: Where do you see the media - and PR's role within it - in 10 years?

A: "I think that PR will become the media in 10 years.

"The news will be fed from publicists and people who want their information heard. Most of the messages sent out through the media will be exactly what the PR people want them to be.

"Journalism is dying. People don't read or watch the news like they used to. But with the rise of PR, people will start receiving false messages.

"As much as people enjoy hearing the awful news stories from journalists, they also like to hear the sugar-coated, "Everything will be alright" version from PR.

"Not much will be real news, just PR getting its message across."


  1. I sure don't "red" the news as much as I used to!

    I disagree, however. Everyone reads the news, now more than ever!

  2. The typo was mine - I was so excited that someone finally agreed with me! Ha!

  3. I don't think people realize how screwed they'd be without the media.

    Unless, of course, suddenly there will be a dramatic upswing of people flooding into courtrooms, the legislature, city hall meetings etc. to find out what's actually going on.

    If PR became Journalism, people would eventually get sick and tired of the lede being buried. They'd also have to become waaaay more literate than they are today.


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