Thursday, April 9, 2009

Paging Dr. Hartley...Bob Newhart's Chicago

Everybody's favorite psychologist:
Bob Newhart in the park outside of Navy Pier.

Hi, Bob. Another view of Dr. Robert Hartley - you've gotta love the stone sofa to the left.
Hey, I get to be Elliot Carlin!

Bob's bridge on N. Michigan Ave - the banner is for Chicago's Olympic bid, which I didn't know anything about until now.
"Imagine..." Bob Newhart walking across it during the opening credits.

Bob slept here:
Bob's apartment on the Bob Newhart show, at 5901 N Sheridan Road.

Zoom up to the top, left window, where Suzanne Pleshette is fixin' dinner for Bob and their wacky neighbor Howard, the spiritual precursor to Kramer.

I don't know what it says about me that I would rather hunt down exterior shots from the Bob Newhart show than hang out at, say, the Chicago Field Museum.

Yet there I was.

There's no denying the excitement I felt as I got closer to Bob's - or is that Dr. Hartley's? - apartment building on the show. Only once have a felt that same excitement, and that was when I went to Wyoming to see Devil's Tower. Of course, my child had been abducted by aliens and I was about to go on a long journey on their mothership, but that's another story.

As I got to the building, a caretaker was sweeping the driveway. He looked at me for a second, but seemed to sense that I was a Bob Newhart freak - so he ran. In the back of my mind played the plaintive trumpet solo from the Bob Newhart theme, and I secretly hoped Bob would be there shooting an extra for a DVD or something.

He wasn't.

Yet I couldn't help but think that if I actually went up to apartment 523 that Bob and Emily would still be there.

"Hi, Bob."

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  1. Kenton, this is truly a geeky way to spend time in Chicago. BUT, I visited the windy city last May and had I recalled that The Bob Newhart Show was set in Chicago, I would have at least visited the statue. Very cool. I loved that show.

    I did visit Billy Goat bar, home of SNL's "Cheese burger, cheese burger, cheese burger" sketch. It lived up to the fantasy.


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