Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Some great Chicago out-of-home ad treatments

Exhibit one: an ad for Boost Mobile. It's a bus shelter ad that features an actual hose under the glass. Of course, the creative means "unhosed." Or is that "unscrewed?" Or is that "untangled?" "Unwrapped?" "Unwound?" OK, I don't know what it means, but it's cool nonetheless. And maybe I'm just dense.

Exhibit two is a campaign you can't avoid in Chicago. Quaker Oats' "Go Humans Go" campaign is everywhere: billboards, transit wraps, taxi tops, bus benches... It's impactful and simple, and it made me actually visit the website to find out what it's about. And, oh yeah, now I'm hungry for Quaker Oats.

Exibit three is ingenious. You check out the peep show and it's a display of... Marshmallow Peeps for Easter! I saw person after person peep into the (glory?) holes and each one died laughing or had a bashful smile after "peeping." Great idea, perfectly matched to the brand.

Nothing like some great creative to remind ourselves that just because most ads are boring doesn't mean that they all have to be.

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