Friday, April 10, 2009

Goodbye Chicago from the CreComm graduating class of '09

On our last night night in Chicago, we say goodbye to some of our fond memories of the city and its people, courtesy of Dave Shorr, CreComm grad '09 (well, in a few weeks).

Some may remember Barack Obama's face posted in storefront windows. Some may remember straight-razor shaves at the barber shop. Me, I'll remember the kids' smiling they froze their butts off on the coldest architectural boat tour in the history of civilization. Does anyone else have a fever now, or is it just me?

Dave, and all of his CreComm advertising-major partners in crime, will be posting articles and photos soon on their Ad Apocalypse blog. Thanks, guys, it's been a blast!

Barack Obama in the Barber Shop window.

Dan Vadeboncoeur, Dan Falloon, and Ezra Ginsburg make a new and entertaining friend (centre).

Where should we go next?

No, seriously, where should we go next?

That's why CreComm students are the best lookin' around: they know the value of a good, old-fashioned shave and a haircut: uh..two bits.

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