Friday, April 24, 2009

Where do you see the media in 10 years, part II

Here's another interesting answer to my PR exam question, "Where do you see the media - and PR's role within in - in 10 years?

"With the public growing more and more skeptical of advertising, I see very little controlled media in 10 years.

"Instead, companies will be moving to more innovative, attention-grabbing, event-style marketing tactics, where advertisers and PR work together to create campaigns aimed more at getting publicity than direct consumer attention.

"The lines between ad and PR will become blurred, and we will see many more viral campaigns and social media designed to entertain rather than persuade or motivate.

"New approaches to emerging media "screens" will see advertising become a vehicle for testing new media; people want to be entertained, and PR will have to come up with strategies to do so.

"Messages on TV, radio, newspapers, and magazines won't cut it anymore, and publicity campaigns will be seamlessly integrated into "untouched by media" vehicles, like holographic windows on buildings, food that changes color, etc?!

"Also, because entertainment and curiosity are the goals, I believe that we will see many more interactive campaigns, such as the Doritos and Big Rock campaigns, disguised (as contests) so that consumers feel that they are the advertisers."

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