Friday, April 3, 2009

Future advertisers head to the Winnipeg of the South

Photo by Dan Price, Chicago Sun-Times.

Start spreadin' the news...oh, sorry, wrong city.

This week, I - along with a good number of advertising and journalism students from the CreComm graduation class of 09 - will be headed to Chicago on an advertising and cultural tour.

Festivities will include a visit to the Art Institute, ad agency Critical Mass, an architectural boat tour, and a hodgepodge of Oprah, Morrissey, Lily Allen, the White Sox, the Blackhawks, the Symphony, karaoke, comedy clubs, and everything in between.

Here's the assignment the students will be working on while we're there:

"There should be a good amount of “tourism time” on the Chicago trip. Use some of that time to visit at least three destinations that relate to U.S. President Barack Obama – many of which aren’t very far away from the hotel. Take pictures. Take notes. Interview people. Be a snoopy reporter. And, most of all, have fun and enjoy yourself!

"When you return home – or before you return home, write a story – 500 words plus or minus 10 per cent – about your experience at the Obama destinations. Write it in the first person if you like, but you should quote at least three people in your story – who you interviewed IN PERSON at the destinations."

Updates next week?

I'm not sure if I'll have a chance to update this blog during the trip, but - ya never know. Stay tuned...

Students will be posting their stories at their great Ad Apocalypse blog.

**Update: my sad relationship with sports was exposed on an earlier edition of this blog. As Robert Duvall said in the Great Santini: "Sorry, sports fans."

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