Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Progressive Winnipeg looks for More at U

Graham at Progressive Winnipeg has written a very interesting article about "the university experience" at the University of Manitoba. Check it out here.

He says:
"The slogan for the University of Manitoba is "U of More." More what? More choice? Choice without direction or context? More choice when you don't know what you want to do, and have nobody to help you through it, is daunting, scary, and stressful.

"The slogan for the University of Winnipeg is "YOU of W." I don't go there, so I really can't offer my opinion on whether or not the experience is about YOU."
Hmmm - I wonder what he'd say about Red River College. It's not perfect, but the "engagement factor" in CreComm is much higher than most courses (if you're not engaged, you're probably not enrolled), and the retention and hiring rates are historically very high.

Partnerships between business and school is where it's at; when I attended the U of M, there was none of that. Pay your money, get your degree, get lost. Whenever I get hit up by the U of M to make a donation, I always say, "I donate to Red River College, because that's the one that got me jobs - careers - in the industry."

Yeah, they love that line at the U of M. Guess I won't be invited to the class reunion.

Chris Rock on "Jobs versus careers:"

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