Thursday, July 28, 2011

Ten things that crossed my mind at last night's Steve Martin show

1. The Jerk sure can play the banjo.

2. They've finally created a man whiter than me.

3. Actor? Check. Author? Check. Comedian? Check. Playing bluegrass music in Winnipeg on a Wednesday night? Check.

4. Seinfeld has about one month to learn the Irish harp.

5. The show is half over, and his penis hasn't said word one.

6. Someone sitting behind me doesn't like my Groucho glasses and mock arrow-through-the-head novelties? Well, excuuuuuuuuse me.

7. Steve Martin Short Stop Sign Language Arts. Gawd, I miss Chain Reaction.

8. Seriously - a jet fighter humping a maple leaf?

9. Steve is my most favorite of all the Martins: Ricky, Andrea, Dean, Billy, St., Sheen, and Purple.

10. Great show, even if he didn't play my favorite song:

Bonus! 11. I hope @pensato is enjoying looking straight into the back of my head.

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