Thursday, July 7, 2011

Vote: why don't Sarah Palin know much about history?

I think you're legally obligated to finish this sentence with, "Duh-huh." 

Let's discuss. Is this: 

2. What I wrote about here: "Is dumb the new smart?"

4. Not enough School House Rock?

Vote here:


  1. She probaly also don't know much biology, don't know much about a science book and don't know much about the french she took.

  2. On the heels of subtitling her autobiography as "An American Life," she's taking after Reagan once more and cornering the anti-intellectual segment of the American electorate. They don't trust people who are "too smart," viewing them as incapable of empathizing with their everyday concerns about jobs and guns and the like. Unfortunately, Palin is taking that far too literally and coming just shy of priding herself on being a legit dumbass. Anyone else who wanted to be president would at least study up on basic U.S. history. She must not be one of those people.

  3. Watch It! That's the next President of The United States you're making fun of!


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