Thursday, July 21, 2011

Eleven new words to make your own, beyotch

1. Ambitchous - A person who makes it to the highest rungs of the workplace by being bitchy. Like that Ronald McDonald jerk.

2. Churnalism - Journalism, Murdoch style.

3. Elccelerate - Trying to speed up the elevator's arrival by pressing the button over and over.

4. Inrageous - Seemingly outrageous.

5. Kentonkerous - Grouchy me.

6. Laziargiast - Person who plagiarizes because he or she is too lazy to come up with something original.

7. Non-profiteering - Excelling at the non-profit business or being a failure at the for-profit business.

8. Parmesanier - Person who sprinkles parmesan at a French restaurant.

9. Pliers - Plastic pliers. Get it? Awww, forget it.

10. Tastes good/tastes bad - New descriptors for everything, whether you eat it or not. "The New York Times tastes good. FOX News tastes bad."

11. Telephobia - An inability to pick up the phone without first checking to see who's calling.


  1. Can you explain 'inrageous' a bit? It seems outrageous, but...(what the 'in' part mean)?

    I have a small issue with non-profiteering: I don't think you meant it this way, but I've heard there's a sense that people who work in nonprofit do so because they "couldn't make it" in for-profit business. That's not true & I think your word suggests it. I still like you though.

  2. The best ads are "seemingly outrageous." If they were actually outrageous, people would get fired. Hence: "inrageous" - outrageous within the realm of acceptability.

    I give a big speech at school every year at work-placement time about how non-profits are awesome - my tongue-in-cheek word is only for laffs.

  3. I suffer from telephobia and have for years.


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