Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Summer ad and PR checklist, courtesy of Critical Mass and Ketchum PR

I've got a golden ticket! La, la, la-la, dee dah!

Looking for something to do this summer?

No? Well, here's a list of stuff do do and consider anyway, courtesy of our friends at Critical Mass and Ketchum PR in Chicago, where we recently visited as part of our Chicago arts and culture tour.

Among their recommendations:

1. Sign up for LinkedIn.

It's like Facebook for the business crowd. No, wait, come back!

2. Visit Nike True City.

It's an iPhone app we can't download in Canada. Boo. However, you can check out the website at the above link and find out how this social-networking app can help you get "the insider lowdown on Nike products, events, and locations."

3. Sign up for Google Alerts.

Keep track of the latest relevant search results based on your areas of interest. Updates are sent by email.

4. Sign up for Google Reader.

Keep up with your favorite websites by having access to their RSS feeds all on one place - on the Web or by mobile phone. If it wasn't for this handy dandy device, I'd never be able to keep up with all of my students' blogs.

5. Get the Foursquare app.

Using the Foursquare app, you check in wherever you go; when you check in, you get recommendations left by other users and you can leave recommendations yourself.

So, if you "check in" at Spuntino Cafe on Stafford and Grosvenor, you can find out that Kenton Larsen says the "Bread rolls are incredible. And the Pollo al Limone is unreal."

This app is a must-have app in New York, an almost-must-have app in Chicago, and a must-have-in-three-years app in Winnipeg. Why wait?

6. Visit 1,000 Awesome Things.

Because nice things are nicer than nasty things.

7. Ponder Critical Mass' advertising steps to success:
  • Research and immersion
  • Group brainstorm
  • Sketch and write
  • Concept statement
  • Mood boards
  • Digital layout and design
8. Quantify accomplishments on your resume.

Don't be satisfied with just broad strokes on your resume; include the specifics. So, if you just worked on a publicity campaign, name it and include things like "number of impressions."

9. Follow the Culpwrit website and Twitter feed.

It's not surprising that Ketchum PR advised us to follow its partner and managing director, Ron Culp. And it's not surprising that he has some good advice for students looking for jobs in the industry.

10. Apply everywhere you can for internships, including Ketchum PR and Critical Mass, Chicago.

They love Canadians, we're told.

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  1. Thanks Kenton! this is sweet. Now even though I didn't go to Chicago :( I can still benefit in some way.



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