Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Getting to Chicago: the highlights

We packed up our troubles in a Greyhound bus and smiled, smiled, smiled.

Highlights from our drive to, and arrival in, Chicago yesterday:

1. Once you go Extra Thick, you never go back:

2. Wisconsin cheese and a tasty beverage with which to wash it down:

3. A (dirty, greasy, stinky) iPad!

4. Water reservoirs beautify the Minneapolis landscape. Where's Mary Tyler Moore?

5. Sea-doos in the Chicago river!?

6. So, how many packages of Wrigley's gum would you have to sell in order, forget it.

7. Giant iPads on the side of the Chicago Tribune. One more reason to avoid print like the plague:

8. The preying mantis, flamingo, Ferris Bueller statue on Dearborn:

Today we hit the Art Institute of Chicago, ad agency Critical Mass, and Richard Lewis at Zanies. Wish you were here!

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  1. Jealous. While your there, there's this place on Michigan Ave that sells time machines. Can you buy me one so I can go back 13 months?


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