Thursday, May 27, 2010

Four nifty online tools for yer readin' and communicatin' needs

1. Issuu

Despite using the cliches "wide variety" and "unique" in the first, few seconds of the video intro (boooo!) - is a very useful and very free service to make your publications easier to navigate and share online.

I've been pushing for a CreComm app to view our students' magazine projects, but Issuu might be good enough for the time being, as evidenced by this cool magazine: Little White Lies.

Nice, eh?

Thanks to CreComm grad and Clark & Huot employee Mark Reimer for the tip.

2. Evernote

Clip articles from the Web to read later, take pictures, type a note, take a screenshot. Then, place them in your Evernote account, where everything is processed, indexed, and made searchable for later - even handwritten notes.

I'm saving time already, just like my lady friend, Jill:

3. Instapaper

So many Web articles to read, so little time.

That's where Instapaper comes in. You simply visit the Instapaper website, drag a "read later" widget onto your Web browser, and save Web pages you want to - as the widget's name suggests - read later.

Then, you can read them on your iPhone using the free Instapaper app - not using any of the valuable megabytes in your Rogers data plan.

(Sorry: Rogers tells me that I'm a "heavy" data plan user, "even for people with iPhones." Translation: $$$$!)

A demo:

4. Delicious

A social-marketing bookmark website to "store, share, and discover" Web bookmarks and create a network of people with interests like yours: like Twitter for Web-page recommendations.

No, wait, come back! The site has "the largest collection of bookmarks in the universe" at 200 million and Wikipedia sez that it had over five-million users in 2008.

The specifics:


  1. Don't forget Digg! There's always lots of hilarious stuff to enjoy.

  2. Digg too - though I thought that most people had already heard of it. Maybe not!


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