Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Chicago highlights: day two

And on the second day in Chicago, we walked our arses off.

The highlights:

1. Richard Lewis at Zanies.

You can tell it's "zany" by the hilarious backdrop.

2. Great art at the Art Institute of Chicago, and err...umm...I dunno:

Talk about Pitchfork Media. Am I right, people?

Errr...Wrigley's Field?

3. A great Mother's Day promo/fundraiser at the Art Institute of Chicago:

4. Moments before I crushed Chicago with my bare hands:

Somewhere a mini Rod Blagojevich plots his comeback.

I'm really starting to like using this thing.

As long as Apple provides me with free, unlimited use at all of its stores, that is.

6. The pints of beer try to sell me on a way of life that I'm already living:

7. An awesome visit to Critical Mass ad agency in Chicago, complete with wacky shenanigans:

His only crime was turning 40.

Somewhere only we know.

Size matters not.

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