Wednesday, May 19, 2010

No class: things I do too much in the summertime...

The other side of summer: beard and weight gain.

Old joke:
Student: Kenton, you're like school in the summertime.
Kenton: School in the summertime?
Student: No class!
Nothing is more rich with mystery than this: what do teachers do in the summertime when there's no class?

It's even a mystery to teachers themselves; it's like one day I'm saying, "Fare thee well" to my students, and the next I'm saying, "Welcome back, nice haircuts."

Between these two days is a hazy blur of these:

1. Drinking beer on a patio
They built that King's Head patio on lesson plans.

2. Spending money
Hotels. Flights. iPads. Movies. Music. Food. Drink. Summer is all about the Benjamins, homies.

3. Eating odd food combos
A half litre of wine, hot dog, and watermelon, anyone?

4. Thinking
Maybe we are all alone in the universe. Then again...maybe I'll eat some more hot dogs.

5. Wearing the same clothes
If I can't smell what I'm wearing, it must be Prêt-à-Porter time.

6. Playing the drums
Exactly like this dude, sans an adoring public:

7. Reading
On deck: "Googled" by Ken Aultetta.

8. Watching TV/playing video games
So, that's why John Locke is the smoke monster....Bioshock 2: Here I come!

9. Laughing
Until I float to the ceiling or Mary Poppins pulls me down, whatever comes first.

10. Sleeping
There's only one thing better than sleeping: singing about sleeping!

Is it fall yet?


  1. #4 sounds like Tiffany wrote it. She is always talking about hotdogs.

  2. I do an amazing impression of that Mary Poppins "Love to Laugh" guy.

    Have a great summer, and enjoy your hotdogs!

  3. Now you tell me! Do I have to bring you in as a guest speaker to see the impression?

  4. Guest speaking makes me a merrier me.


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