Thursday, May 6, 2010

Chicago highlights: day three

1. Great advertising and promotions:

Iron Man has fallen upon hard times.

I've got a big head. Does that mean I'll get a bigger burrito than you?

Dear copywriter: try again.

It says, "Caution - gate arm is...arrrghhhh!"

2. The Chicago Gangster Tour:

Al Capone loved tambourines, apparently.

3. My favorite food:

Portillo's dawgs.

Carson's ribs.

4. The Blues Brothers orphanage:



5. A visit to Ketchum PR:

Great view.

Great chat.


  1. Adam's Ribs Kenton, Adam's Ribs! With the sauce! And don't forget the coleslaw!

    Please somebody get know not all of my generation watches garbage on TV...

  2. Ah, yes, the MASH reference. I get it! But I'm old...


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