Sunday, October 3, 2010

Ten things that crossed my mind at this weekend's two, big comedy shows

Got fried? Gottfried!

Roe v. Wade. Joe v. Volcano. Gottfried v. MacDonald.

Not since Leno and Seinfeld played Winnipeg on the same night in the early 80s has the city seen a greater battle of comedy giants: in this corner, Gilbert Gottfried at Rumor's Comedy Club, in the other, Norm MacDonald at the Burton Cummings Theatre.

Saw 'em both. Laughed. Cried. Had 10 thoughts:

1. Funny.

2. Psst: if you like hilarious stand-up comedy, check out Red River College's CreCommedy Nights at the King's Head on Monday, Oct. 18 and 25 - Creative Communications, Comedy Writing students performing stand-up comedy for the first time. And admission is just $5!

3. Jewish heritage + genie + sex act = hilarity.

4. Planet of the Apes, Alive, and Children of a Lesser God references? Why, it's like Gottfried hasn't performed comedy for 20 years! Err...

5. Why, these comedians seek or intend to amuse and afford light mirth and laughter for their efforts!

6. Memo to myself: save your "dying children" jokes for the big finish.

7. Stand-up comedy really is just like rock and roll, minus the music, money, and women.

8. Comparing two, white, male, middle-aged comics with receding hairlines is really like comparing apples and oranges.

9. These two sure can tell jokes while remaining in a vertical position. If only we had a name for that.

10. Laughter really is the best medicine. Unless, of course, you're actually sick or dying.



  1. Norm seemed really depressed or something. (Thought he was drunk when he first came one) Was he tight with Greg Giraldo?

    Bruce Clark was awesome too.

  2. If laughter is the best medicine, keep your joke about dying children for last.

    Because it makes people feel less bad about their own illnesses.

    Comedy is genius, in a vertical position, in front of a metal stand.

  3. Tiffany: I couldn't have said it better myself!

    Dave: I thought Norm was on fire and didn't care for Bruce.

    Gottfried was so-so at best.

  4. Norm was amazing. This is the first time I've watched a full set of his and his abilities are amazing. He's so disarming in trying to sell you that he's stupid but delivering such incredible intelligence. He's like a darker more absurd Carlin.

    I like Bruce. He's Vegas showman cheese, and he relied on being "from Winnipeg" too much, but I was entertained. So were all of my friends.

  5. nice! i missed both. good to see your reviews.

  6. Saw both, loved both. Couldn't understand why Gilbert was playing Rumors instead of booking a larger venue (all four of his shows sold out; how many were turned away?) Happy to see huge crowds at both events.


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