Friday, October 22, 2010

13 more words to start using immediately

See number 6.

1. Appdates
 The daily app updates on the iTune store that always hold the promise of taking a sad app and making it better, Jude.

Born From A Boombox. Brittany, a CreComm student I don't teach, used it online, and I knew instantly she was talking about me.

3. Bizarrchitecture
Architecture that's weird without purpose. Like the traffic circles on Grosvenor.

4. Buffayo
Saying hello to the herd.

5. Doubleyou

6. Grease
It's the word that you heard, it's got groove got meaning. Psst. Come to the Ad Majors' Grease Sing-A-Long fundraiser, Monday, Nov. 8, at Lecture Theatre, doors open at 4 p.m.

7. Lightmare 
When the traffic lights stop working at Confusion Corner.

8. Manties
If we can say "murse" without blinking, we can also say manties, right? Hello? Come back!

9. Paroday
National Talk Like a Pirate Day, for example. 

10. Plantastic/plantacular
An awesome plan!

11. Son of a Botch 
Winnipeg: "Gitch." Saskatchewan: "Gotch." Disparaging phrase in Saskatchewanese: "Son of a Botch."

12. Threek
The fork at Papa George's with only three prongs.

13. Twitterification
A lame TV show that seems better when you're on Twitter talking about it in real time. Jersey Shore comes to mind - because..."It's T-shirt tiiiiiiime!"


  1. When I heard "BFAB" I knew they were talking about me too haha! Also I will start using "Manties" and "Son of a Botch" in my daily life! :)

  2. Never thought I'd see Kenton Larsen talking about man panties.

    Related: Do you know how strange it is to accidentally spit out liquefied yogurt due to laughter?

    Answer: Very strange.


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