Monday, October 25, 2010

Funny makes the world go around at CreCommedy Night #2

The hilarious Ms. Henderson.

One good punch in the gut deserves another.

It was another great night of CreCommedy laffs at the King's Head tonight, as the second and, sadly, last group of Creative Communications students from my Comedy Writing class performed to a packed pub.

Congratulations to all of the night's performers - you did a kick-ass job, and you should all be proud!

Our judges were clearly blown away, as evidenced by their comments on the ratings sheets (update: top-three comics posted below).

Special thanks to our headliner, the always awesome Cara Lytwyn, and event organizer Matt Cohen and the advertising majors.

I'll be posting short clips from the night on YouTube over the next, few days.

In anticipation, here's a quick clip from my mother's favorite comic of the night, Sean Angus (sorry for laughing into the mic again...hee haw!):

DVDs from both CreCommedy Nights will be available for purchase soon - and make perfect holiday gifts for grandma. Watch this blog for more info!


Top three comics of the night, as rated by our panel of 12 judges, good and true:

1. Jeremy Giacomin
2. Maeghan Heinrichs/Sean Angus (tie!)

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