Sunday, September 27, 2009

Ten great things about going to last night's Blue Bombers game

1. Sitting in the best seats in the house - the free ones:

2. The fans in the cheap seats sure know how to party:

3. The upper deck has a roof:

4. Sitting right next to "the victory cannon" is a constant reminder that there's a war going on in Afghanistan.

5. My students show up at the game knowing that they're going to have to interview people and write a story. I show up at the game knowing that I'm going to have to eat a hot dog and enjoy a beer.

6. Luke-warm, oddly moist stadium hot dogs remind me of Luke Skywalker, oddly moist moisture vaporators:

7. Despite trying their best, the Bombers actually didn't lose.

8. Free hats!

9. More free hats!

10. There was a game?


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  2. haha my thoughts exactly. Was there a game? The hats were the highlight!

  3. I was actually at the game in the McKim seats! I was wondering if it was the J assignment night (the timing was about right) and I definitely heard the banging going on in the upperdeck! Fortunately we left in the 4th quarter before the rain started because we thought the Bombers had it in the bag! So much for that...
    Also, I didn't get a free hat. :(

  4. Want to know what's even better then watching the game from the upper deck? Watching it from the VIP tent! Rubbing elbows with some legends and the food and beer are free. Thank you Glen Weir for pretending to be my grandpa...

  5. That sounds great - I thought maybe that tent was for Libyan dictators or something...

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  7. Kenton, I'm glad to see that the wall you were sitting beside didn't crumble from the cannon, causing you to fall many stories. You lived to write another blog!!

  8. Ok, those were definitely the best seats in the house. There was no rain and you didn't have to see a close up of the football players slapping each others bum, although I did catch it on the jumbo-tron. Nice hat Dean!! And I just want to say, Dan how did you not get a free hat!?!?! They were everywhere!!!

  9. That hat made me feel glamourous, like Amelia Earhart.

  10. Yes, it just yelled "Glamour!" Especially after the rainfall. Ha, ha!

  11. The fans banging the seats and the boom machine were outright SCARY!! and annoying... otherwise total fun times.


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