Friday, September 18, 2009

How to pluck your career in television

What the pluck was he thinking?

Here's something you don't see on the TV news every day: it's New York WNYW anchor Ernie Anastos dropping the F-word, and smilin' away, like he doesn't know what he's just said.

The expression on the face of co-anchor Dari Alexander says it all: "Kill me, please!"

Anastos apologized on tonight's newscast, though he didn't say what he'd really meant to say, which was either "plucking" or the word he actually did say.

Either way, this clip is likely to live on YouTube and online forever more. Poor guy - he's plucked!


  1. That's just too funny. Freudian indeed.

  2. I love it when broadcasters cross the line between conversational dialogue and CONVERSATIONAL DIALOGUE. It makes for such funny after thoughts (except that he will probably have to work in Antarctica for a while, covering news stories on the movement of snow drifts… ok, that’s funny too).

  3. Human nature: 1
    Teleprompter: 0

    This guy lost any bargaining power he may have had for his next contract negotiation.

  4. I read about this on one of the newspaper's websites but it's even funnier to watch! You're right, the co-anchor's expression is priceless!


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