Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Bombers throw a long bomb: how NOT to deal with the media

Down, set, d'oh!

PolicyFrog has already covered "the Blue Bungle" - some of the oddest and most ill-advised media relations to come out of the football team ever (and that includes former coach Jeff Reinebold riding into town on his Harley and bravado, only to ride out on the humiliation express).

So I'll just post the Free Press video, below, and provide a quick-and-easy media relations guide for the Blue Bombers moving forward.

I'm sure they'll take all of this "under advisement:"

1. Never set ground rules.

2. Don’t be combative.

3. Don’t deny the truth.

4. Tell the truth.

5. Give the local media a break.

6. If you want to be treated like a professional, act like one yourself.

7. Don’t hold a press conference to say you’re NOT talking.

8. Never say "no comment."

9. Do the journalists' job for them.

10. Don't say, "It's not the news until I say it's the news."

11. Answer questions.

12. Be polite.

13. Prepare carefully.

14. Establish a good rapport with the journalists you see every day.

15. If you need to set the record straight, do so.

16. You talk to your audience through the media. What you do to the media, you do to your fans.

Keep on keeping on, Big Blue.

Click on screen to play:


  1. This is just ridiculous. I blame Kelly for these new rules: he hates the media. Combine this with his recent decision not to take callers on his CJOB show and he's basically just shutting everyone out. It is not going to win him any new fans, that's for sure!

  2. I think you're right: no amount of PR advice would help a guy who's not listening to it.


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