Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Is it art, political statement, shelter, or all three?

House of Representatives, I presume?
"And you may find yourself living in a shotgun shack. And you may say to yourself, "Well - how did I get here?"- Talking Heads
I'm now officially a home owner!

Just kidding. I was walking down McDermot Street today, and came upon this weird shanty - or is it art? - made of wood and political signage.

It's not clear what this place is or who lives here, but he or she is clearly not choosy when it comes to Canadian political parties, and - if the sign in the neighboring window can be believed - he or she wants us to help "Save the Alphabet House."



  1. I haven't seen this house, but I have admired the Alphabet House on more than one occasion. I'm fairly certain an "A" comes from the old A-Channel studio, and there's at least one letter from a Safeway... it's a great test of local brand knowledge!

  2. Wow - it's like you've cracked the DaVinci Code!

  3. Is that actually part of the house or some children's playhouse? Truly interesting.

    Considering the area I'd hardly call it an artistic or political statement. More than likely it's a case of one man's garbage being another man's vinyl siding.

  4. I call it "Recession Home Renovation". Build your own porch using nothing but discarded election signs!

  5. "Recession Home Renovation" - I like it!

  6. I frequently walk this neighbourhood and I too want to save the alphabet house! Is it being demolished? I always wonder where all the letters came from.

  7. If that's a child's playhouse, as Wade suggested, that's a novel way to educate a child about Canadian politics. "Suzie, this sign is for the Con-ser-va-tive Party. They stand for..." etc. Valuable teaching tool!

  8. If you would have only knocked, I would have invited you in for some coffee in my cup set shaped like the heads of William Lyon Mackenzie King and John Turner.

    Well, even though in reality I don't live there, I'm waiting on bated breath to stumble upon it. Excellent find.

  9. Wow - that John Turner mug sounds better than Royal Doulton!


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