Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Let's restore the Swine Flu brand to its former glory!

A logo worth oinking about: from NBC Nightly News.

It's no Nike swoosh, but it still makes me want to "Just Do It!"

Last night, NBC Nightly News flashed this old-school Swine Flu logo from 1976.

I love how the artist takes something nasty - the Swine Flu - and "dresses it up" to make it look like something you might actually want to consume. Mmmmm.....tasty and nutritious swine flu!

I think I may have found the modern-day equivalent:

"Ain't no tuition for having no ambition..."

**Update: I was loathe to forget to point out that the Swine Flu logo is clearly a tribute to Coca-Cola. And just as refreshing, I'm told.


  1. The font reminds me of a drive-in ice cream place. Mmmmm, ice cream!

  2. The font reminds me of signs for many BBQ joints I've seen in the Deep South. Coincidentally, those are also great places to contract swine flu... I kid I kid.


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