Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Contempra Signs: proofreading's extra, then?

I'll take an "E" and an apostrophe, Pat.

In the course of any given day, I see roughly 10 signs or more with typos.

What makes the sign pictured here even more special than the nine others I see is that it's located on the fence at Contempra Signs, a company that designs and manufactures signs for its customers.

C'mon, Contempra, when you're a sign company, every sign on your property is an ad - for you. All you need is a paintbrush, red paint, and a dictionary, and all will be right with the world.

"Your" welcome.


  1. Classic! I've noticed that the whole "your vs. you're" conundrum seems to be the most common grammatical faux pas I come across these days. It's always extra special when it's someone who should put extra care into their words.

  2. The absolute worst was when we would get the proof for a sign at my old shop, and it had a typo, and there was NOTHING WE COULD DO. They approve the proof, they want to run it. SMH. (Shake my head for those of you who don't internet as much as me.)

  3. Is it considered a typo if the person who wrote it is too ignorant to know better though?


    This was great (I actually pictured your enthusiam and demeanour as I read this...)

    Good one.

  5. For a sine company to make this tipe of miss-take, its unforgivvable. Reelly!

    Sorry, I couldn't stop my fingers from typing that out.
    See you in Ad class.

    'I can resist everything but temptation.' -O. Wilde

  6. Hmmm,...I wonder how many people out there are smart enough to spot the mistake. Unless, people really don't care.


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