Tuesday, January 12, 2010

How can you tell that a man is in love?

They should've called it one day of Han Solo.

I finally watched 500 Days of Summer, a ridiculously fun and bittersweet movie that came out so long ago that this might qualify as the most ridiculously late "news" item of all time. And I knock newspapers!

But I have to say that the filmmakers got something just right:

You can only tell that a man is in love, first, when he sees Han Solo's reflection in a window and it winks back at him:

Kind of reminds me of that creepy Viagra ad:

And, second, when Hall and Oates' "You Make my Dreams" plays in his head and it turns into a full-scale Busby Berkeley number:

If Mark Hamill appears when a guy looks in a window, or a guy dances openly to Private Eyes - run for your life.


  1. I wanted to see this movie when it first came out, but I only got around to seeing it last night too. The movie got a lot of feelings just right and the musical interlude was charming. As some reviewer also noted, I could've done without a couple of references to a certain iconic movies from the 60s, but that's a minor flaw.

  2. You're right: the Graduate was a bit obvious.

  3. I'm glad you saw it!

    I gotta say that the musical number was the most fun I had at the theatre last year. I was laughing hysterically...but my friend beside me was completely stone faced, and hated the scene.

    And yes, you know you have something good when a ridiculously handsome reflection winks back at you. I thought that was just perfect.

  4. haha, you watched 500 days? my excuse was "i had to review it for the fokal magazine"... don't worry, i gave it a good review. yeah, i did find that scene entertaining. it made me think if it was a dream or if he actually left the office. sometimes i wished i could start dance routine while on the bus, in a line up at the grocery, or while getting a haircut. i think people are would dance along given the right music is played; i.e. build me up buttercup.

    i didn't get my everyone was wearing blue though...

    also, high-fiving your own reflection in the glass while walking in public seems like a cool concept and i will incorporate that in my walks from now... too bad our campus doesn't have a lot of glass around the hallways.

  5. Excellent film. My favorite scene had to be the 'reality' and 'expectation' scene that played just a tiny bit off sync. Brilliant. Everyone should also check out Up in the Air, if they have not already.

  6. Kenton, I love that dance scene! I also posted it earlier this year on my blog. Doesn't it just make you want to get I'm glad you are blogging about love! What a topic :)

  7. I'm going to be the big hater in this bunch, but I honestly just wanted to punch Zooey Deschanel by the end of that movie, which made me dislike the movie a lot. But I guess at the same time, it had an effect on me, so I suppose that the film maker did their job.

    But of all the scenes, the dance sequence/ Han Solo clip were the best in the movie. Also "They called me Anal Girl... I was very neat and tidy"


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