Monday, January 25, 2010

Don't smoke - we know who you are!!

If you are "Hungary" for great food or signage, look no further than the Regina Hungarian Cultural & Social Club.

I love the very idea of this sign on the men's room door, which claims to know who's doing the smoking. But if you know who's doing the smoking, why hang the sign when you could just give the offender a knock to the noggin?

And why put the quotation marks around "No?" And phrase the rule as a prediction?

A miracle of graphic design and communications...but, I swear to God, the crepes, schnitzel, and perogies kick ass!


  1. A candidate for the "blog" of "unnecessary" quotation marks:

  2. Perhaps the offender is a very good customer and they don't want to risk losing their business so they've tried the passive-aggressive approach?

    Did you offer to rewrite the sign to improve its flaws? If I saw that hung on a door, I think I'd take the initiative and rewrite it, without being asked.


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