Friday, January 15, 2010

Ten things that crossed my mind at last night's Tegan and Sara show

1. Is that Tegan or Sara?

2. Ultimate cage match: Tegan and Sara versus the Watson Twins. Winners fight the Proclaimers.

3. I wish that guy behind me would stop breathing, coughing, and spitting on my neck.

4. I wonder what Dave, Jimmy, and Conan are saying about big-jawed Jay right about now?

5. Tegan and Sara demographic: screaming, 16-year-old girls. Me: grumpy, old, bald man. Cue hilarity.

6. When someone asks, "Where do we go?" you should respond by shouting "Ah-ah!"

7. A glockenspiel makes every song even better than it already is.

8. Tegan = talkative. Sara = silent.

9. If I adopted Tegan and Sara, bought a big, multi-colored bus, and we went on the road together as the Larsen Family...that would totally rule.

10. Well, I'll be durned: singin' twins!


  1. I wanted to be a grumpy old guy at this show but my (irrational?) fears of ageist, baldist persecution kept me away.

    As for the cage match, Tegan and Sara will defeat the Reid Brothers every time.

  2. I believe you're right on all counts.

  3. End of the show. Second Balcony. "Living Room." People are standing up. My friend Sarah taps me on the shoulder and nudges me to look to my left.

    "Hey," she says. "Check out the old bald guy with the iPhone."

    Normally I would be joking, but miraculously, I am not.

    Also, the annoyingness of the 16-year-olds was made a bit better every time Tegan found new and clever ways to tell them to simmer down now.

    (To my defense, I responded that you weren't that old and looked less bald in the light. Also, my 57-year-old father went to the Friday night show, and there was probably some 20-something tapping her friend and saying, "Hey, check out the old guy with the BlackBerry.")

  4. Fat Mike from NOFX can't tell them apart either, he wrote a song about it. No joke.


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