Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hey, kids, reading is...creepy and hellish!

Hell probably doesn't exist, but if it does, it will look exactly like this poster, which I ran across today outside HMV at Portage Place.

Hey, kids: buy books at HMV and read about fascinating and cool things like: V for Vendetta, Twilight, True Blood, John Lennon, the Da Vinci Code, King.

Come to think of it, kids: just go play some video games.


  1. That sign has been at Portage Place since Larry first hit it big in "Show Business!"

    On a related topic, for your amusement:

    Portage Place Commercial

    Thousands line up for the opening of Portage Place

    Portage Place fails to attract customers

  2. I love those links - classic Winnipeg memories.

  3. Yeesh.

    One of my favourite YouTube clips is The Onion's story re NASA's Larry King interview simulator. (Sorry, I don't know how to embed links in comments)

  4. I love the part about the time capsule. I can hardly wait to open that time capsule to see all 75 years worth of drug deals that have taken place there.


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