Monday, January 25, 2010

I'm alive! Memories of my drive from Saskatchewan...

I had a helluva time doing stand-up at the German Club of Regina this weekend.

Best joke: "This is cool being at the German Club. Before this, the only German Club I ever heard of was the one that invaded Poland in 1939."
Worst joke: "I'm from Winnipeg, so my lucky number is 13. The number of players on the Saskatchewan team when they won the Grey Cup! Oh, yeah, they lost the Grey Cup. Sorry."

If the beer flowed, and the dancing erred on the side of polka, the ride home was a nightmarish wake-up call of darkness, snow, and despair.

Drive from Portage la Prairie to Winnipeg: three hours.

I did, and still do, need a drink...

I am alone in the universe. Except for that car coming right at me.

The ice planet of Hoth.

Look: nothing!


  1. Hahaha German Club. That is a great bit!

  2. I only loved it after it got a laff!

  3. Haha yeah it could have turned into that Episode of Faulty Towers when the Germans come to stay.

  4. With one with the Germans!

  5. You can see a Taun Taun in that picture...


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